Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Licenses for Illegal Aliens!!!???

This is rediculous. Especially when the people are ILLEGAL.

If they have a license and insurance from their own country can they not drive here anyway, if they follow legal procedures?

Driving without insurance is illegal and should be punished.
(I'm just assuming everywhere in the US but I'm sure about California where I live)

AAA got my US license to be able to drive when I went to Europe. I am an insured motorist.



Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Flag

The flag of any country should be manufactured in the country of origin.

I think it's an insult to the workers of flag manufacturing companies in the US to see a flag of the United Staes with "Made in China" stamped on it. This is truly wrong. Comical yes, but ethically wrong.

I don't think the Chinese should see their flag with "Hecho en Mexico' on it either.

I'm talking about all countries not just US.

It would be like out-sourcing the printing of our money to Canada because it would be less expensive.

Let's not be stupid, huh?


Fare Share For Campaigns

Anyone from any party who runs for office and has gotten their petitions and all the paper work done properly should each get the same amount of money to campaign with.

Anyone should be able to send money to a fund for the candidates. But as the money enters this coffer it gets devided up equally among all the legitamate candites. No one candidate can BUY the election by having more money than any other contender.

If anyone uses any outside money to campaign with they are disqualified and cannot be elected.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The United States of America is NOT a Two Party System

I would love to smack the media silly for consistantly misrepresenting our form of government as 2 party system.
We are a MULTI-PARTY SYSTEM. why do you think ther are other parties on the ballot when you vote? They are not trick names to slip you up and vote for the wrong party. THEY ARE ALTERNATIVE PARTIES TO THE SCREW UPS WHO ARE THERE NOW!
Read about these other parties and candidates. If enough of us vote for someone who actually wants to fix the mess we're in, we can make a difference.

Or vote for me to rule the world.