Saturday, September 09, 2006

The United States of America is NOT a Two Party System

I would love to smack the media silly for consistantly misrepresenting our form of government as 2 party system.
We are a MULTI-PARTY SYSTEM. why do you think ther are other parties on the ballot when you vote? They are not trick names to slip you up and vote for the wrong party. THEY ARE ALTERNATIVE PARTIES TO THE SCREW UPS WHO ARE THERE NOW!
Read about these other parties and candidates. If enough of us vote for someone who actually wants to fix the mess we're in, we can make a difference.

Or vote for me to rule the world.



Blogger Brian Levy said...

The media also represents to your average American that this is a democracy -- and it is not. It is a republic.

The media would make you think that guns kill people when a gun is a tool or device and cannot do anything by itself. People kill people with knives, hammers, cars, fists.

The media would have you believe that there was a country named Palestine that Israel invaded and took their land away from them. This is also a falsehood. There never was a country named Palestine, there never was a people named Palestinians. Today’s people who are called Palestinians are refugees from Jordan, Syria, and Egypt. They are Arab peoples who unfortunately got lost on the other end of a border when their countries decided to attack Israel.

Now if this little paragraph doesn’t piss someone off, I guess I ought to stop trying.

8:54 AM  
Blogger Pass Ave Pachuco said...

I'm writing in "Russell C." on all my future ballots for Leader of the Free World.

Also, I feel a little bad for Brian for failing to piss me off, but the arguments are too worn to be upsetting.

10:08 AM  
Blogger chrisheadrick said...

The planks of my presidential platform run are:

--To make teachers the highest-paid employees in the US.

--To bring the siesta to the US.

--The start of each workday at the United Nations will commence with free oral sex. Then, once in the General Assembly Hall, the official language of the UN will be "scat", so all speeches will have to be "scat sung". Since you really can't scat angrily, and everyone will be all mellow and relaxed, with silly grins on their faces anyway, all wars will cease.

10:45 AM  

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